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Hey guys! This song is amazing! Their vocals really stood out this time. They're amazing singers and they really do work hard, but the video was a little disappointing.. They went a little overboard with the sexy concept (although this isn't as bad as Marionette). They should've lessened the "sexy" stares and done a little more acting - REAL acting. Something that would've shown the foreign fans what the song could be about. But still, it's amazing, they really did work a lot for this and they deserve all the attention they're getting now. Good job Girl's day! Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Tumblr:
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This song had to grow on me, but I loved the music video right away!
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I like darling much more but i really like your review!
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@chasinghapiness We haven't reviewed that yet but I hope we will tomorrow so Eli can put it on youtube while I'm in Mallorca xD
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