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OMGG We looooove GG! The song is really good, although it was one of those songs that you need to get used to it before you fall in love with it. Now it's one of those songs that's constantly on replay.. The thing that we really like about GG is that, even though they did go for the (kind of) sexy concept, they didn't overdo it! That's amazing! It's obvious that the sexy concept is the new thing for (mostly) girl groups and some companies overdo it, that way, their artists will get more viewers and more known. There's a line to it, don't go overboard with it. SO we're really happy GG didn't do it. I mean look at them, they didn't even show that much, but in our opinion, they did look really sexy and confident and that's why we like them so much! Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Tumblr:
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I really didnt like this when I first heard it. I was sad that they named it after Mr.Mr cause I love that band and now I cant find anything about them on Tumblr cause its all snsd stuff haha
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@kpopandkimchi We feel ya!
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