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amazing Actor
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I enjoyed watching every episode of Hotel King. Lee Sang Woo, the guy in Angel Eyes? Yes, i know him, why?
@katieloidlei, not lee sang yoo, but lee sang woo. I'm watching Glorious Day. actually anything with him, I'll watch. saw him for the first time in Don't Hesitate, Feast of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage, A Thousand Days Promise and the movie In Search of the Elephant. I started with A Word from Warm Heart, but I didn't like his co-star and I haven't continued watching it. @lili, @KpopGirl17 how about a card for him. he's so gorgeous and a body to drool over! !!!!😁
@dramacrazy ooopppsss... Hahaha sorry, i thought it was him. No, i am not watching Glorious Day. I havent watch any of those dramas he's in, but its in my PlanToWatchList, had so many list to watch.. And thanks for asking or telling me, so i can googled him and watch his drama if i have a time.
@KpopGirl17 thankuu hun he is a hottie :-) ♥