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One of the greatest questions that we face in this age of fitness. Do you prefer endless repetitions of dumbell lifting trying to perfect the form or panting and sweating caused by endless amounts of burpees? I personally like bodyweight exercises opposed to weightlifting, even tough the weightlifting programs also include cardio to some extent, they are nowhere close to bodyweight programs. It is clearly seen that weightlifting is easily surpasses bodyweight exercises in bulking or Hulking up as I like to call it. But it seems to rely so much on protein bars, shakes etc, and since it creates the muscle faster it also seems to go away faster, making you lose your fitness after prolonged times of non-exercise periods. What's your take on this?
Body weight for me too. Obviously I still lift, but I much prefer using my own weight to build muscle.
bodyweight has better and longer positive results
Same here I maintain a much more leaner toned look over a longer period of time with minimal effort as opposed to the gym.
Bodyweight lifting is good, but can be difficult. Sometimes when I'm lazy at the gym I prefer to just hit the weights!