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Luke is standing at the window, looking how Saul and his companions walk away. Saul still looks somewhat unstable on his feet, but his sight has returned to him. Suddenly Martha bursts into the room. She was gone for a week. "Did the 3 man who just left, came here 3 days ago, and one of them was blind?", she asks. He didn't see her so full of energy in a long time. "Yes... what?... ", Luke tries to wonder. "Did they talk to you? what did they say? " "I don't know... the blinded one... he mumbled something about seeing the light of the Lord..." "Excellent! Martha says, her eyes are suddenly lighten, "Now you hurry up and go to the synagogue. You will find there a man talking and describing how he laid his hand on Saul's head, and immediately his blindness was cured. You must say that you were a witness to that, and this is indeed how it was." "But.. and who is Saul?" "Saul is the blinded one! no time to explain now, you must hurry! "
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Even though you only post in small snippets @orenshani7 I really feel so much action in a short space