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Here are some of the World's Sexiest Female Olympians - girls that can look hot and play hard too. Sexy! Bio profile for curious folks: 1. Amanda Beard, United States Swimming We can't get enough of women's swimming because, next to beach volleyball, it's the closest the Olympic Games come to Spring Break in Cabo. Former World Swimmer of the Year and sometime nude model Amanda drives that point home, er, harder than the others thanks to the whole "sometime nude model" thing. Watch her: Aug 9-17 and 20-21 2. Britta Heidemann, Germany, Fencing 2004 Olympic silver medalist and 2007 World Champion Britta Heidemann is blonde, German, and wields a sword for a living. This combination would have us scrambling to find a happy place if Britta didn't happen to be a nordic goddess. Watch her: Aug 9-17 3. Logan Tom, United States Volleyball Let's be honest, women's beach volleyball doesn't have to work too hard to catch our eye, what with all the bikinis and the bouncing and whatnot. But you add in one-time youngest-ever volleyball Olympian Logan Tom and our eyes are glued in a way that seems unheard of anywhere near the word "Olympics." Watch her: Aug 9-24 4. Ana Ivanovic, Serbia Tennis There are more reasons to admire Ana than there are vowels in her name. This year's French Open champion and current No. 1-ranked tennis player in the world will be grunting and baseline stroking her heart out on center court in Beijing. And we'll be watching. Oh yes, we'll be watching. Watch her: Aug 10-17 5. Lolo Jones, United States Track & Field With a background including French, Native American, African-American, and Norweigian, this first-time Olympic hurdler is a virtual one-woman opening ceremony, only watchable. Watch her: Starting August 17 source:
she's gorgeous
wow she actually looks a bit like megan fox