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The staff at Teaching with The Library of Congress are incredibly good at pulling useful information from their vast inventory. These primary source sets are a goldmine for teachers. The units include teachers' guides, analysis tools for photos and documents, and Common Core State Standards alignment. they are adding topics all the time, but some of my favorites are The Dust Bowl, Jim Crow Laws, Harlem Renaissance, and Political Cartoons. There are photos, maps, films, audio files, including interviews, and even sheet music. These are great to share with teachers looking to extend a literature unit to include informational text. Our teachers used The Dust Bowl with Of Mice and Men, and the Jim Crow Law unit with To Kill a Mockingbird. A teacher and I collaborated on a lesson on reading primary source photographs, based heavily on the resources here. Keep this site bookmarked and check it when your teachers are looking for informational text. It's free, the units are interesting, and it shows students how we seek out the best resources available.