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If you've ever read a Murakami novel, you know that he loves musical references. This article contains a playlist of some of the jazz musicians and songs he refers to in numerous stories as well as a quick history of Murakami's former jazz bar Tom Cat. Enjoy! “I had my first encounter with jazz in 1964 when I was 15,” Murakami writes in the New York Times. “Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers performed in Kobe in January that year, and I got a ticket for a birthday present. This was the first time I really listened to jazz, and it bowled me over. I was thunderstruck.”
Oh man where to begin?! I'd start with his short stories like the collection "The Elephant Vanished" or "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman"
I've ever heard of Murakami, any suggestions on what to read of his?
You can never have too many playlists. I'll save this to listen to at work.
I have always wanted to know more about jazz. I played saxophone in middle school, but I never really embraced the culture. This is a fun starting point!