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the 2nd pic is the before. painted my fork black,my front wheel all black, and back wheel white. new white seat, new white bar tape, new vision bull horns with better brakes. the color scheme reminds me of anti venom the opposite of venom from spiderman.
She's a beauty. What kind of frame is it?
@GuillermoGarcia I usually use hoods myself, so that makes sense, but I need those drops for the wind. Otherwise I just feel like I'm eating wind when riding into it
thanks man. any bike can be painted but with an older bike you might need to sand it first and get rid of the rust if it has any @coffeeman
you did a great job upgrading it! The flat black looks great, any of you guys ever try spraying an old bike ? how'd it turn out?
I'm not a fan of the drops. I have them on my road bike and I never used them. they feel uncomfortable to me. idk if I need a wider bar but I even got fitted on bikes but I still find myself using my hoods. @teamwaffles
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