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I've been reading a lot of the Kdrama recaps on Vingle so following the footstep I also want to give back something to Vingle community. I will do recap summary for Jdrama "Rich man poor woman" from now. SInce it's my first time doing this, not sure if long summary is good or a short one is better. Please give me your thoughts and comments on this. It's such a good drama! Favorite quote from this ep: "When you try out something new, you will face many hardships and obstacles which make you suffer but it's only then that true innovation begins." Happy reading! ____________________________________________________________ Continue from ep 4 Asahina is meeting an unknown man. Looks like he's planning something. I don't like how good character always turns evil somehow Hyuga did a rehearsal on the introduction of Personal File to his staff which was very well received but not by the board of shareholders who mock "How will you find fund for data storage in India?" Hyuga was about to yell at them then Asahina stopped him saying he'll deal with them. Hyuga got really angry and went berserk in his office throwing things around. Natsui (previously went by the name Sawaki Chihiro) looked at him from the outside and worried. The two met in the elevator and she felt awkward being with him when she suddenly remembered the kiss she witnessed between Yoko and Hyuga last night. She slapped herself out of the blue which startled Hyuga who asked what's the matter with her. To make it worse, Yoko joined them in the elevator. Natsui couldn't stand the awkward situation and ran out of the elevator with some excuse. Yoko acted like nothing happened. Yoko came back to the restaurant and the mean chef guy throwing out bags of vegetable garbage glared at her and asked what she planned to do since she wasted 3 weeks of food supplies. Yoko said she'll contact the owner on her own and explained. I wonder what happened. Yoko looked at a magazine that said something horrible about her being a chef. She threw it away and looked at the horrible comments on her phone. Suddenly there's one comment that said reading such mean comments make people wanna die or something like that. Is it from Hyuga? I don't think he would bother with things like that so I doubted it's from him but she ran out after reading the comment having an idea who it might be. Natsui is at home talking to her friends who just came back from vacation about Hyuga. Natsui said she thinks Hyuga is an amazing guy in his own right despite his attitude. Hyuga proposed to his team member that he wants to meet a man named Aoyama Makoto who made kitchen utensils and now working on a tomato farm. It seems Hyuga believed this man can help them with the Personal File project. A team member asked why Aoyama Makoto and Hyuga looked at Natsui who was smiling. Flashback, Hyuga saw Natsui eating her lunch box and said "It's amazing" but he wasn't talking about the lunch but the lunch box design and mentioned how Aoyama Makoto also made the baleen he's using. He's talking about the design of the pen but of course Natsui didn't really understand. She just bought the lunch box because it was made by the person with the same name as her. Hyuga imitated Natsui "heeehhhh" in a cute and funny way lol. That's one of the best moments in this ep. Asahina fell down the stairs and broke his leg. It seems he was pushed by someone. Hyuga came to visit and told Asahina he met their old friend whom they used to work together when Next Innovation first started up. Hyuga and Natsui went to meet Aoyama Makoto in the countryside. Natsui is amused the Hyuga is actually nervous when meeting someone he's admired. Aoyama became friendly with Natsui instantly the moment he learned they share the same name. He gave her a tomato to eat which she commented on how delicious it is but Hyuga hates tomato! Aoyama has an obaa-san (elderly lady) to help him with accounting. He showed Natsui a box of tomato and said it costs like 10,000 yen which is about $130 (omg, fruits in Japan never failed to surprise me with their heavenly high prices). Aoyama wants to show Natsui something but she hesitated looking at Hyuga who surprisingly gave her the nod. He smiled and took picture of her being picked up by Aoyama. After awhile, Hyuga saw Natsui who came back in a farmer's getup. Hyuga received news that JI tech tried to interfere with Next Innnovation. NI is in a crisis and everyone is panicking. Hyuga is furious but Natsui said she believed in Hyuga and his Personal File project and is sure that everyone will see it too. She wants to go to explain to the elderly people but Hyuga stoped her because it's already too late. Hyuga showed a smile on his face. His happy face is so cute!!! I still can't believed he's already married :( Next morning, Hyuga and Natsui went around to ask the elders to try personal file but it wasn't too successful. Hyuga is annoyed. He had a meeting with the board of shareholders who said he should just give up on the project. He was about to snap at them when Natsui yanked out the computer core to stop him from yelling at them. Hyuga ran out and told her not to follow him. Aoyama showed up and dragged her to go drinking. Natsui got drunk and other people at the party were commenting on how cute Tokyo girl like her is. They were saying that she should become a bride of one the locals here lol. Aoyama joked around and said they're hundred years to early to have her as their bride. Natsui left and saw Hyuga with his head down, depressed in front of his laptop. She's worried and feels helpless that she couldn't do anything to help him. Next morning she asked him to go out for a walk with her. She commented on how the countryside has such fresh air. Hyuga said because she stinks of alcohol that he cannot smell the freshness in the air Hyuga sat down and wondered if he should give up the project for everyone's sake. Natsui wanted to pat his shoulders but decided to give him a violent shoulder message lol . Guess that's her way of encouraging him. Natsui told him her conversation with Aoyama last night. He told her the ballpoint he made was his best product because anyone can own it even the rich or poor. His time working as a salaryman was really tough. "When you try out something new, you will face many hardships and obstacles which make you suffer but it's only then that true innovation begins." Hyuga stares gently at Natsui as she spoke those words. Hyuga made fun of her saying those words to which she said profusely said it's not her words but Aoyama's Hyuga is motivated again and decided to do something about the project. He called his subordinate and gave instructions. Natsui smiled happily looking at Hyuga who got annoyed and asked why is she smiling at him like that. Before they left, Hyuga and Natsui helped out at the tomato farm. The accountant obaa-san asked if Hyuga is gonna give up Personal File. She really likes it and wants to use it. Hyuga smiles and says he won't. On the way back to Tokyo, Hyuga fell asleep and rests his head on Natsui's shoulder. She tried hard to hold back from smiling excessively. They arrived in Tokyo Hyuga told her he'll be fine since he slept well. Natsui couldn't stop smiling which annoyed Hyuga who pressed her for an answer as to why she kept starring at him so creepily. Natsui started to say "the thing between you and Yoko-san…" but got interrupted by someone from the office who came to report that his friend Tono-san who agreed to help had disappeared and the company is in chaos now. They ran back to the company. Asahina showed up with a clutch and said they should asked for help from JI Tech. Hyuga didn't like that idea and wanted to try something else. Hyuga brought a box of 10,000 yen tomatoes to Yoko's restaurant. Yoko decided to make a tomato dish for Hyuga who hates tomatoes to cure his hatred for tomatoes. She made it for him and he said it's delicious. Natsui came to deliver some documents to Yoko from Asahina and saw Hyuga there. She excused herself and Yoko ran after her. Yoko asks her what's wrong and she mentioned about their kiss. Yoko asks if Natsui likes Hyuga to which Natsui profusely denied. Yoko said Natsui is lying to herself and asks what she thinks about Hyuga. Natsui listed out Hyuga's bad traits but said he's an amazing person and wants to stay by his side. Hyuga came out to see two of them talking. Natsui left when she saw Hyuga. Yoko asked Hyuga to take her home. Natsui saw the two of them laughing happily in the car and told herself she was like an idiot. Yoko saw Natsui but didn't say anything until Hyuga drove past her then mentioned Natsui was there. Hyuga looked in the back mirror and saw her but denied it when Yoko asked if he saw Natsui. NI is facing another crisis losing 5 million people who registered with the company. Turned out it was all Asahina's doing! The man he met in the beginning of the ep was Tono, their friend. He fell down the stairs by accident but didn't get injured. He injured himself to forced Tono to help him with his scheme. Everyone at NI is panicking even Hyuga. ONly Asahina is calm and said to one of the guy that Hyuga is the CEO so he'll bear the responsibility *gasp*. Natsui looked at everyone rushing about and teared up. End of ep 5
thank you!!!
Thank you very much for the recap.
aha you're welcome and roger that! next week I will do the recap right after the ep airs if I can find the raw. If you find the raw video please post it on this party and let me know :) . I want to do the recap as soon as the ep airs
Big thank you somnia! you made my day, I've been waiting for the eng sub. And was so grateful that you translated the ep. Translate them as long and detail as you can.
usually a recap is a detailed explanation of the episode. see for yourself, as an example: thanks again
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