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Hyuga calls a press conference to discuss the leak of all the personal files. He explains that the leak of the personal files is currently being investigated, and there are no signs that any outside sources have breached their security network. But the Board of Directors continues to pressure Hyuga, and the stock price of the company plummets. This situation causes employees of Next Innovation to be walking on eggshells. Because the company still holds considerable amount of personal files, the company undertakes an investigation of all employees. Despite the surveillance camera footage, no one suspicious is spotted. Yamagami decides that they still need to hold on to the personal files until the new dies down. Makoto is asked to get an update about the investigation into the leak. At that time, Asahina brings up the fact that in two weeks, Makoto’s internship will be up and her contract over, so she shouldn’t be tasked with this matter. Makato wants to take on this project and asks to be allowed to do it, but Hyuga decides not to. On the other hand, to increase patronage at the restaurant, Yoko decides to use the extra ingredients to run a cooking workshop. She asks her rival the sous chef to help create the menu. Makoto is busying preparing for the upcoming Board meeting and runs into Yoko. Makoto is very affected by what she thinks is Yoko and Hyuga’s relationship, and she wonders what will happen if Yoko becomes Hyuga’s wife. Hyuga is home depressed from the Board pressuring him to take responsibility for the leak. He calls Makoto, but she is with Asahina at the restaurant and doesn’t hear his call. At that time, Hyuga’s doorbell rings…. Source:
you're welcome both of u :) . if there's a way i can watch the drama live i could do a live recap but i don't know any site. if you know anything about watching live jdrama then let me know :)
@soula81.. thanks... thanks also to somnia...^^
btw, this drama airs every monday at 9pm Japan time
@nylamrehs, aha you're welcome. you should thank somnia cuz she's the one that introduced this on Vingle at first and that's how I got to know this great drama!!
when do we get to see ep 6? this is a very good drama... thanks soula81 for introducing this to me...^^
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