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(Keep in mind that these are only the oldest surviving examples of these objects – many of these may have existed or are known to have existed even earlier.) 1) Oldest Purse (4,500 years old) These dog teeth are all that remain of a disintegrated purse from roughly 4,500 years ago found in Germany. They were likely part of the outer flap. 2) Oldest Condom (370 years old) This sheepskin condom was used in 1640 in Sweden. The reusable condom came with instructions (in Latin) to clean it with warm milk to prevent users from catching STDs. 3) Oldest Chewing Gum (5,000 years old) This chewing gum from Finland was chewed at least 5,000 years ago. The gum consists of birch bark, and was most likely used to heal mouth infections or to use as glue. 4)The Oldest Recorded Melody (3,400 years old) The oldest surviving written melody was found in Ugarit, which is now part of Southern Syria. The music was written for the lyre. 5) Oldest Coin (2,700 years old) The oldest known coin was found in the ancient Hellenic city of Efesos in Turkey. Its one (and only) decorated side features a lion’s head. 6-7) Oldest Globe (510 years old) This old globe was painstakingly etched into the surface of an ostrich egg in Italy. Before its age and origin were verified, it had been sold to its current owner at a map fair in London in 2012.
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