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You know those days when you study really hard and all of a sudden, things just don't quite make sense anymore? It's that moment when your brain has officially given up and feels like a lump of goo. This is the moment you're aiming for. Until you reach this moment, you probably aren't maximising your time or effort. When you start learning a language, the goo-brain stage will probably come after an hour or so of poring over a grammar textbook. Later on, it may be a whole morning of grammar and an entire night of hanging out with native speaking friends before you reach this moment. But when it happens, relish it.
Oh goodness- I feel like this every time I simply LOOK at my advanced grammar textbook!
*brain gravy* i look like zombie when I hit this stage i'm just like..brain...can't...process..anymore >.,<
I was stuck in this phase for an entire summer when I was living in Japan before studying Japanese haha I actually miss it!