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The more I watch the exquisite fly fishing videos I find every so often on Vimeo, the more I want to get out there and do some more hiking, accompanied with some fly fishing. I have only dabbled in fly fishing, but the number of rivers surrounded by beautiful, hikeable scenery makes me want to practice more so I can take a few weeks and enjoy a quiet place in nature, just like in this video.
the scenery is seriously stunning, I'd be happy to go just to sit and stre
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Every scene of this video could be a postcard. Gorgeous!
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I've never fished in my life, but I'd love to hike in this part of the world.
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I think my local lakes are just as pretty to me
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@fallingwater @caricakes @sophiamor I know! It's too great! @mcgraffy Glad you appreciate your home :)
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