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Teen Vogue recently posted a piece on why you don't need your parents to love your significant other: "Whether she thinks you're with the wrong person or just has way too many opinions about the whole situation, you don't have to ditch a fresh romance just because your mom hasn't turned in a glowing review. (Seriously!) Here's how to deal when your family isn't too into who you're dating: - You see a different person than she sees. In a relationship, you get to envision a future with your significant other, but outsiders only get a glimpse at the present - The relationship isn't hers, it's yours. Your parents' agenda is most likely completely different from your own when it comes to relationships. Keep in mind! - She might be ragging on 'em for a different reason. Whether they're holding a grudge because your date didn't come in to say hello or your new love is a catalyst for the realization that you're no longer a little girl, your relationship may not be the actual problem here - Respect the perspective. Mother may not always know best, but that doesn't mean you should discount her reservations.
That's an interesting point about the relationship not being the main problem your parents have with you. If you're doing something else that isnt sitting well with them it translates into everything you do!
I think that its important to listen to your own heart, but remember that your parents are older and wiser and can probably see some things you cant...
I'm always a bit iffy about this one--my mom has been right so many times, but sometimes I wonder if it was her words that in the long run influenced the break up? Guess I'll never know.
I have to admit while I respect what the article is trying to say, I don't really ever see a relationship lasting long term if I don't get the ok from my parents. That's not to say I'm acting like a kid or seeking approval, I simply respect their opinion and I want them to love the person I love. My family is incredibly important to me and will always come first - even if it may stumble on for a while, a relationship is pretty much over before it begins if my parents put their foot down.
Good advice, + @flymetothemoon !!