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Me, I probably wouldn't have my phone with me. If I did and dropped it, it'd be a lost, forgotten cause. Not for one teenager in Germany: he dropped his phone into the water, and hatched a plan to get it back. First he asked the club (where he was fishing) if he could borrow the club's wet suit to retrieve it. After they refused, he came up with a "better" plan and took a strong pump and hoses out to drain the pond for himself. He figured he could just route it into the toilet, not knowing that the toilet was only connected to a tank not a sewar system. Needless to say when the tank started overflowing into the parking lot, the police were called, and he was required to pay for all repairs. And he never got his phone. Next time, leave it off the boat.
@happyrock somebody was desperate for his phone I guess
You're kidding, right? Why would anyone try that?