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The right dumbbell weight for you will fatigue your muscles in eight to 12 reps — meaning you feel a burning sensation and feel like you can't lift your arm anymore. If you've been working out regularly, chances are your muscles have gotten stronger, so lifting the same weights that you used when you started strength training will be easier than it was when you started, and it will take longer for your muscles to fatigue.
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that's a really good point. I've noticed recently after my workouts that I'm not feeling as tired as I used to - I foolishly put it down to the fact that I probably just wasn't working as hard since I've been a bit tired lately but it could be that I've just gotten stronger!
I was using 3lb weights for way too long. Even the small switch to 5lbs made a huge difference.
Such an important tip! When do you know when your weights are TOO heavy?
I tried to tell myself my 1lb weights were enough for way longer than they were
I think it's time I up my weights...!