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I've never really thought about lobster fishing beyond cage fishing (is that what it's called?) but this video gives a totally different perspective! Here are the detailed and informative steps he gives us for tickling and catching lobster: 1. Install GoPro on Face 2. Dive your lard tail to the bottom 3. Locate Lobster within 5 seconds (or go wait in the car) 4. Properly Position Net and Tickler 5. Tickle His Happy Spot 6. Watch Him Flip Out (This reaction is because I have offended him) 7. Tickle Him Again and Close Net 8. Measure Him, Because Jail Sucks! 9. Return To Boat 10. Get Another Net! 11. Repeat! --States have their own regulations for doing this, so check yours. --Keep a measuring device on you and measure to make sure you can even take it from the water (otherwise, let it go right away without harm!) --Check what areas and species you can try to "tickle" in!
@mcgraffy @happyrock @dougjohnson I know, it's so great!
this is great....love that he takes the time to measure it down there
I love his step by step...."or go wait in the car"
I expected this to be funny....a lobster laughing ha! never fished lobster so I didnt know the term