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Ebola Scare-mongering?

Today The Telegraph (UK) ran an article entitled "Woman dies after flying to Gatwick from Ebola hit Sierra Leone". Within just a few hours of being published, the article became the second most viewed article on the site. It doesn't seem to matter that the woman died of natural causes and that her death was completely unrelated to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone but apparently they still felt it necessary to run a story implying that it 'COULD' have been the result of Ebola. An outbreak in the West is highly unlikely, especially not on the scale that has been seen in Africa and such journalism only serves to scare the public (who generally aren't particularly well informed about Ebola). What do you think about such articles?
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I agree - running an article with a title like that is just trying to make trouble. I understand that newspapers want to attract attention and run stories that people will read but encouraging scare mongering is not the right way to go about it
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