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Born into poverty, Misty Copeland didn’t start ballet until she was 13 – extremely late when you consider most children start training in preschool. She was told she was too old, had the wrong body and that she didn’t fit in. And now, as a soloist of the American Ballet Theatre, she is one epic, bad ass ballerina.
I've always wondered how girls who were passionate about ballet handled growing into bodies that arent the typical ballerina build. Good for Misty!
she's a beautiful dancer
An inspiration~
more girls need to hear her story!
She's such an inspirational dancer - I did a lot of ballet when I was younger but gave up when I was 15 because the teacher told me I'd never become a professional dancer. To be honest, I knew I'd never be a professional dancer (and I didn't even want to be one!) but her constant commenting just sucked all the fun out of my classes until I just gave up. I'm sure Misty wholly deserves the success she has today!