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Is english your first language? My only language. Where are you from? Here. I get all the questions And have none of the culture. All of the accent, And none of the language. I am the Nuyorican, Dominican York, Native born, Brooklyn. The Hyper-Americanized Latina The Hyper-Pigmented American Who can’t talk in her “native tongue” But still wears her skin brown And her hair in curls. I belong to everyone and no one, Which is the very worst way To be alone. I belong to no where. The one they laugh at when She tries to speak And words get tangled on the tongue, In Spanish, And English, sometimes too. Do I pronounce the “h” in this? I can never remember. La Gringa. La Americana. The one who’s not enough In any language, In any color. Too white at home. Too brown everywhere else. I belong to no one. I belong to no where. -Daniella De Jesús Source: ----- I follow Daniella on Tumblr and thought I would share this wonderful poem. Check out more of her writing at