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José Moreno Hernández is one of the most influential figures in the Hispanic community. He grew up in the east side of Stockton in a farming community. He shares his story in this video of how he worked his way up, little by little. He also shares the importance of good quality education and STEM education. He graduated from the University of Pacific with a degree in Electrical Engineering and recieved his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He initially worked as an Engineer for several years, but Hernández dreamed of being a NASA astronaut. He applied and was rejected from NASA 11 times, 11 times! It wasn't until his 12th attempt that he was accepted. He truly embodies the motto "Never give up." I hope that I can live my life like him and pursue my dreams even if I fail. Now, Hernández is a retired NASA astronaut and continues to work in engineering. - -
Always proud of UCSB alums. He's got a great story.
Honestly, I would have given up by the 3rd or 4th time. I guess that's why he's walking in space and I'm just sitting on my couch!
He's out of this world! (someone had to do it)
dedication dedication!!!! thats so cool~
@caricakes #forealz I need to bust a move and make things happen ^_^ @pipeline same here! are you a UCSB alum? :D