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Bike Gore
Here are some rather unfortunate pieces of carbon fiber. Here we see many different types of broken bikes, from factor malfunctions, traffic accidents, and even Alberto Contador's broken bike. It's so sad to see bikes like this. RIP bikes, I hope your owners faired better than you did.
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Lol! That first image had me in stitches, where's the rest?!?! Haha
3 years ago·Reply
That last picture :( Somebody had a bad commute
3 years ago·Reply
@BikeSnob looks like they got rear ended
3 years ago·Reply
Starting to rethink wanting a full-carbon bike!
3 years ago·Reply
@kevincooper I wouldn't be worried. Carbon holds up in stress test to the same point aluminum or steel does. All types of bikes break, it just happens
3 years ago·Reply