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I'm heading down to visit my cousins soon, so I thought I'd do some research ahead of time to see if I can get some fishing in as well. Alabama has both black and white crappie, and it seems like still-fishing, trolling, drifting and casting will all work. Lake Martin * Central Alabama, outside of Alexander City * Great for summer night time fishing. Good for spring, fall or winter during any other time. * 700 miles of shoreline * Black crappie, largemouth bass, flathead and channel cats, white crappie. Smith Lake * a.k.a. Lewis Smith Lake * 21,000 acre lake * Cullman, Winston and Walker counties * Deep--over 200ft plus in most locations. * 500+ miles of shoreline with good structure * crappie, largemouth bass, spotted bass Guntersville Lake * Largest lake in Alabama * 70,000 acres * 70 miles from Guntersvill Dam to Nickajack Dam * Largemouth bass, redear sunfish, bluegill, sauger, catfish, crappie * Eagle watching also very popular here. Woodruff Lake * 20 square miles * 80 miles along Alabama River * in Lowndes, Montgomery, Elmore and Autauga counties * also has boating, water skiing, picnicking, swimming, hiking and camping. * public boat launch ramp available Lake Harding * a.k.a Bartlett's Ferry Lake * on Chattahoochee River * man-made * can dock on many islands (such as Houston's Island) Almost every lake located in Alabama has either black, white, or a hybrid of both. Many of the lakes that offer crappie fishing also offer other amenities, such as swimming, boating, and/or water skiing. In addition to being found in lakes, crappie can be found in creeks and rivers that have access to quiet backwaters.
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if your family has kids I'd say woodruff lake!
ive got cousins down there too. they fish lake Martin I think but I cant offer anything more specific
@mcgraffy @happyrock thank you both