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Spanish scientist, Manuel Linares, creates a lavender blue ice cream that is served on a cone and is spritzed with a "love elixir" after being scooped. The fruity ice cream turns from baby blue to pink and eventually purple. The frozen treat is made with all-natural ingredients and is currently being served at Linares' ice cream shop in his hometown of Blanes. Linares, a longtime ice cream aficionado and physicist by trade, recruited two buddies to work on his secret project. It took them only a week to come up with an ice cream he now calls ''Xamaleón.'' The ice cream changes color due to different temperature changes and varying acidities found in the human mouth, IFLScience reports.
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This is the future.
3 years ago·Reply
Now this is time well spent. I would have loved to have been involved in the testing stages for this :)
3 years ago·Reply
What a clever idea - I can't believe he just concocted something like that in a week!
3 years ago·Reply
@sophiamor me too!
3 years ago·Reply
im not sure I want all my food to be changing colors...
3 years ago·Reply