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The Korean language has two counting systems - the first being a native Korean counting system, the second is based on the Chinese counting system. Today, we introduce the Sino-Korean counting system: 1 일 [il] 2 이 [i] 3 삼 [sam] 4 사 [sa] 5 오 [o] 6 륙 [ryuk] / 육 [yuk] 7 칠 [chil] 8 팔 [pal] 9 구 [gu] 10 십 [sip] And the rest, as they say, is easy. In Korean, if you want to say 11, you just say TEN + ONE. If you want to say 33, you just say THREE + TEN + THREE. If you want to say 99, you say NINE + TEN + NINE. TIP: 100 백 [baek] 1,000 천 [cheon]
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Thanks for sharing this. My bf is Korean American. His dad is Caucasian, his mom is Korean. So I thought I would try to learn some basic Korean.