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This is another spinoff that tells the same story, but through the perspective of Darcy instead of Elizabeth. Once again an author is trying to give us the chance to live through the novel as Darcy might have, but did she accomplish this? Yes, and no? It's not good, it's not bad, it just is. If you're not a fan of the original, you won't even understand this so don't both. It cannot stand alone, but as a kind of economical companion novel, it's alright. This book takes much of Austen's dialogue and just regurgitates it with new pronouns, but we do get to (in a small way) see a new side to Darcy where we learn that he really is an arrogant snob, but for all the right reasons. See, the thing is, he's actually shy and socially inept. Really. Aylmer does a pretty good job of paralleling the actual timeline of P&P as well. Is this great literature? Absolutely not. Could it stand alone without P & P? No way. This book is only for tried and true fans of "Pride and Prejudice" - which I am. Otherwise, it's not worth the time it takes to read. Favorite line from the book: "In short, he found himself unable to control his own free will for the first time in his life." Isn't that just swoon worthy?
@onesmile I'll try :)
@caricakes @GetFitwithAmy I feel like I will eventually get tired, but until then I expect @timeturnerjones to keep recommending me good Darcy books!
I agree with @onesmile and @GetFitwithAmy , love Darcy!
Darcy is such an interesting character, I never get tired of reading stories with him.
I want to read this so bad!!! I pretty much love any darcy retelling lol