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I don't know about you but for me, the idea of baring all at the beach strikes fear into my very core. It doesn't matter whether or not people are staring at me, in my head everyone is staring at me constantly, ridiculing me, asking why I'm not wearing a shirt - or why I didn't just stay home! So when mother-of five decided to wear a bikini for the first time since having kids, she was understandably wary. What happened next was her (and every woman’s) worst nightmare. All because of the state of her stomach. (See picture above). While relaxing in the park, three youths began to ridicule her; that pointing, laughing, and pretending to kick her. Not prepared to let these youths get away with their despicable actions, she published this letter alongside a picture of her "gross" stomach online for the world to see. The selfie and the letter have since gone viral. They have 3,500 shares from her personal Facebook page alone, and with the help of a local radio station, the number of people who have read her words and viewed her selfie is estimated to have exceeded 14 million. The image’s popularity is heartening. All too frequently young women like myself hold ourselves to the unattainable, photoshopped standards that we are constantly forced to confront in magazines and advertising. It’s important for people to know that very few stomachs look like those we see in magazines. It's vital that people understand stretch marks are a completely normal part of the human body, and substantially more prevalent than media representations of women’s bodies let on.
so sad. but I'm so glad she responded
how appalling! I sincerely hope those youngsters get their comeuppance!