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Taro tells H’s dad the chairman that K is the guy who might be gaksital. S meets with H and tells her new truth has been revealed that K could be gaksital. H: a new truth? K and H drink. K says : even now – I would save you again. that makes her cry. H: that ovious lie – why do I want to believe it so much. he passes out and she sees his arm wound. H is shocked. (if a guy passes out, why would she even need to roll his sleeve up at all? they sure did things weird back then.) leader jo asks who the men are. the guy says a global performance group that is going to china. circus people read an article about it and say how nice it will be to able to earn money and learn skills. K drives S and thinks in his head: S – did you find out that your hyung killed my mom? ok let’s see this through. in the woods, S meets with D and hugs her in front of K. S says this to D but looks at K. S: is there anything you are hiding from me? if there is anything you are hiding from me I will find out and crush it. K and D silently hold hands cr: