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It's the FINALE of Time Slip Dr Jin!!!!! :( I dont know whether or not to be happy or sad... sighhh here's the preview of Ep 22 everyone ==================================== Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 22 Video Link: Written Preview: The French army invades Korea ferociously - the Joseon people are at a loss as to what to do. Ganghwa Island gets attached by the French. Ha Eung decides to build up and strengthen his army in order to protect Ganghwa Island --- it's uncertain as to whether he will be able to do enough to protect Ganghwa Island.... 프랑스 군의 공격에 조선 군은 속수무책으로 당한다. 강화도는 프랑스 군에게 점령 당할 위기에 놓이고, 하응은 자신이 직접 원병을 이끌고 강화도로 가서 프랑스 군을 몰아내겠다고 하는데... Ep 22 recap here -
hi guys I just made a card with my fav screenshots from Dr Jin Ep 22 - ohhhh i cried soooo much!!! here's the link for all my fellow drama fans keke
@caffelatte me too!!! but i dunno, i've actually been a bit disappointed with Time Slip so far. I had such high hopes for the drama before it started! but now I have to say... I like AGD more given that they air at similar times
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no no no i hope it will be a happy ending....