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OHHHHHHHHHHHH i am soooo sad Episode 20 is this weekend which means that.... it's going to end.... 슬픈다! super saaaad.... here's the preview that I found as well as some sneak pictures. One of the Vinglers always does live recaps for AGD so drama crazy fans check out the AGD site to get recaps this weekend!!! oh yah I'll post another card once I figure out what time EXACTLY it's going to show this week ====================================== A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 20 <신사의 품격> 마지막회 예고 그동안 <신사의 품격>을 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다 이수, 세라, 메아리, 정숙은 나이트클럽 VIP룸에서 부킹을 하려고 하지만 도진, 태산, 최윤, 정록에게 걸려 혼이 나는데... Thank you for loving <A Gentleman's Dignity>! Yi Soo, Sae Ra, Me Ah Ri and Jong Sok book a VIP room together to enjoyyy... BUT Do Jin, Tae San, Choi Yoon and Jong Rok turn up unexpectedly .... yet another cryptic preview!!! ================================ Ep 20 LIVE recaps here everyone ( AGD Ep 20 Finale ratings also posted by Sapphire here (
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me too me too!
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But where is Ep 19? Has it even gone out?
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Finally it ends. I love when drama ends. And I loved ep 19 and the finale is looking up to be enjoyable too. Worth all the wait :P
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there are live recaps available too everyone! check out the AGD party page here -
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