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2AM’s Jung Jin Woon recently showed off his nice abs. On August 8, Ricky Kim uploaded a picture of Jung on his Twitter account with the comment, “My brother Jin Woon. You did a lot of work to take care of your abs there! Ricky Kim!” In the picture, Jung is showing off his bare upper body with the great beach in Madagascar in the background. Despite the fact that he’s still young, he’s attracting a lot of attention with his nice abs. People responded: “How much has he worked out?” “I’ll make sure to watch the premiere of Rule of the Jungle!” “Jung Jin Woon’s abs are so nice!” Jung went to Madagascar in Africa to shoot SBS TV’s reality show Rule of the Jungle. Along with actress Jeon Hye Bin and actor Park Jung Chul, he will struggle to survive in the rough nature for the show. Source: Starnews