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Bangtan Boys' comeback "Dark & Wild" is coming soon with their countdown on their website. ( http://bts.ibighit.com ) Who's excited? And who's your bias? (mine is Taehyung)
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wait seriously?! I feel like they just had a comeback! Ahh!!
3 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi me too - I feel like they're on of the bands I constantly hear about
3 years ago·Reply
Im so excited I p reordered the album, and this is my first ever kpop album that I ordered aside from me buying the songs on itunes this is my first physical album Im getting in the mail ^-^ :) Im soooo happy!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@AviaTaylor I want a unboxing video from you hahahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@honeysoo challenge accepted haha I might pass out from the excitement o.O
3 years ago·Reply