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Pronounced 'Samgyeopsal' in Korean, this dish is ranked #6 by Koreans, with over 70% of the adult population eating it at least once a week...that's a lot of pork! Korean barbecue is distinct for the fact that it is commonly cooked at the table with diners using gas or charcoal grills to do the cooking. That's right - you have to cook your own food! Many restaurants have tables with built-in grills but some use portable stoves. Samgyeopsal comes from thickly sliced cuts of fatty pork belly meat and takes its name from the three distinctive alternating layers of meat and fat that can be seen in each cut. The meat is very similar to sliced uncured bacon and choosing the thickness of the slice is an exacting science. Ideally the meat should be 4-5 cm wide and 6 mm thick, but it could be thicker or thinner depending on which surface you use to cook it! Unlike Korea’s other famous export bulgogi, samgyeopsal is not seasoned or marinated and is often stored frozen. If you want to try the unfrozen stuff, ask for saeng samgyeopsal (생삼겹살). Saeng means ‘raw’ or fresh’ and this cut will set you back a little bit extra, but the taste is well worth it.
mm I want some right now! When I first ate it, I didn't know that Koreans usually eat it paired with bean sprouts, green onions, garlic, kimchi, or wrapped in lettuce. I needed a real Korean to show me their way of eating it!
From what i see that's bacon
thats seriously making me hungry
@kpopandkimchi totally true!
Going ot Korean BBQ with friends is so much fun, but you smell like cooked meat afterwards haha