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Home to the world's largest automobile assembly plant (Hyundai Motor Company) and the world's largest shipyard (Hyundai Heavy Industries) and the world's second largest oil refinery (SK Energy), Ulsan is indisputably the industrial hub of South Korea. The city's "old downtown" in Seungnam-dong is getting a facelift with a recent influx of coffee shops and restaurants. While many residents still live in older-style houses, modern apartments are slowly closing in on the area. Canadian photographer Jason Teale, a 10-year resident of Ulsan and founder of popular photography blog 'The Sajin', says getting good photos depends on your attitude. "Be and look friendly," says Teale. "I have been allowed into a lot of places simply because I smiled and chatted with some people. One time it ended up being the person in charge of the temple who took me to places off limits to most."
This is a gorgeous photograph. I like Teale's quote at the end :)
A stunning photograph
thats awesome
@caricakes Pretty amazing isn't it!