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Why do people have the nerve to say I'm a bad person for liking South Korea and kpop over America plus I'm racist???? Really?
if they call you a racist then that's just funny because that's not even racism. People use the word 'racist' and 'racism' so much these days and most of the time it's used incorrectly ㅠㅠ it really gets on my nerves. You're not a bad person nor are you racist, liking another culture and exposing yourself to another culture is just a sign of being more open-minded...*rant over*
I swear I love you guys. @honeysoo @ahnjp05
@Toykopop yeah I get a lot of people telling me that I only like certain things "because its Korean" like even my phone haha I had a samsung before I even liked Kpop?????
I know, but that doesn't mean that we're racist or weird. Most of my friends find my love for kpop cute and they respect that. But others keep telling me that, "Tia.... You will never be korean or stop trying to be." Wow that hurts.... Shit turds... (sorry for the language)
I feel like a lot of Kpop fans deal with this :(