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King 2 Hearts Episode 6 - Recap Part 5

The secretary is talking on the phone with HA's dad. Then HA's dad took off to go somewhere. JH peaked his head into HA's room but only saw his sister waiting. She's angry about something. HA is sitting in the next room separated by a door and listening to the conversation between the two. He suddenly remembered about the hug. The princess asked if he liked her, then he said what are you talking about. She opened the door and HA was still in the eavesdropping pose. She asked him if he liked her or not. HA's dad is going to South Korea, heading to see the King. Back to HA and JH, HA held out her hand for a handshake saying let's get along or something. JH suggested another way to show their "friendship." They started drinking. They're so cute when they crossed their arms to drink (the kind you saw in Chinese drama when the bride and the groom crossed their arms to drink at their wedding). Then they got so drunk (something will always happen when two main characters get drunk kekeke). HA emptied the bottle then went to look for more alcohol and found a lot more in the fridge. HA's dad went to meet the king. Our two drunken lovebirds sat by the fridge; HA almost fell asleep. JH laughed and patted on his shoulder signaled her to lean on his shoulder XD. At one point they talked about the kiss, then JH grabbed her hand and pulled her closer (this so reminds me of Moon that Embraces the Sun). HA's dad and everyone are going to see her. Then they suddenly became sober. She's got shy and backed off a little but JH still got a hold of her hand. As they are talking JH started leaning toward her, and she kept starring at his lips, his face got closer and they kissed. The king walked in when they were kissing. He (the King) turned away; HA's dad walked in and then they realized the situation and stood up awkwardly. End.
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