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Actress Shin Se Kyun recently talked about her kissing scene with Rain. On August 8, Shin attended a press conference for the movie R2B: Return to Base. Shin and Rain appear in the movie as a couple. They had to shoot kissing scenes but the scenes were deleted and as a result, many people felt sad. Shin said, “I shot two kissing scenes with Rain but the director edited them both out.” “I think he deleted the scenes to smooth the movie out. I respect his decision.” She made the entire crew laugh by saying, “But I liked kissing Rain.” The movie is about the youngest pilot (played by Rain) of Korea’s Black Eagles unit. He changes his position as a member of the combat aviation team after he was cut from the Black Eagles. But then a mysterious combat plane appears to complete an unofficial mission. Kim Dong Won directed the movie and Rain, Yoo Jun Sang, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Ha Na, Lee Jong Seok, Cho Sung Ha, and Jung Seok Won appeared. The movie will be released on August 15. Source: TV Report credit: