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While reading another card here on Vingle, I discovered this fantastic site called ThoughtCatalog (I've decided to let them off for the fact that they apparently can't spell 'catalog' properly because the content is just THAT good!). There was quite a funny article written by one of the male contributors called '10 Buttons Your Girlfriend Has That You Must Never, Ever Press'. Here there are in brief. For the whole thing, check out the main article. 1. The Telling Her To “Relax” Button 2. The Risky Joke That’s Destined To Turn Into An Argument Button 3. The Social Media Following Of A Potential Threat & Liking Of Her Posts Button 4. The Rush Her When She’s Getting Ready Button 5. The Remaining Silent When She Wants To Argue Button (My favourite one: "Yes, by refusing to press a button and engage when she’s feeling feisty and wants her buttons pressed, you are somehow pressing a button. It’s buttonception.") 6. “Are you on your period?” 7. Saying “I don’t know why this is such a big deal” when you know exactly why it’s a big deal 8. “(Girl Who She Hates) is pretty hot” 9. “You’re acting like my mom” 10. The ultimate, most end of the world button you could ever press: “c***.” Oh my god I honestly didn’t even like typing that but that's it - what do you think? Does your girlfriend have any other secret buttons that should never be pressed? Personally, I was quite surprised they left the 'weight button' off the list...I figured that would've ranked pretty highly in deal breakers....!
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oh so true