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The Amazing English Language
These days as I spend increasing amounts of time on social media, I find my vocabulary slipping away. Good things have become "great", "awesome" or "lovely". Bad things have become "bad", "not good" or really not good". Something must be done. As well as reading more, these days I'm making a concerted effort to spend more time improving my vocabulary! As part of this, I'll be sharing a new word every day or so as part of my efforts to promote improving your vocabulary~isn't that just lovely? ...Wait....I mean delightful!
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@saharhyunjoong what do you think would be better; a list of 5-10 words every 2-3 days or a single word each day?
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@ahnjp05 whatever is easier 4 u hun :-) ♥
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sounds like a really good idea - I think lots of words in one go would be equally ok?
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I shall look forwards to it
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