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Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona become lovers in a pictorial

Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona recently did a photo shoot for a catalogue of a clothing brand. Lee and Yoona, who are currently working for an outdoor clothing brand as models, did a photo shoot together for the 2012 F/W season. As this was their third time doing a photo shoot together, they fascinated the crew with their professional model looks. In the photos released on August 9, which haven’t gone through an editing process, Lee and Yoona are showing off their good-looking faces. Lee is attracting attention with his sad eyes and Yoona is attracting attention with her tough, wild looks. Lee and Yoona also took photos together. In one of the photos, they’re showing off their chic looks in mountain-climbing clothes, and in another photo, they’re portraying cute lovers in trekking outfits. People responded: “Lee Min Ho and Yoona look so close to each other.” “Lee Min Ho and Yoona look good together.” “I wish Lee Min Ho and Yoona really go out together!” “Lee Min Ho and Yoona are so awesome” A spokesperson for the outdoor clothing brand says, “As the competition in the outdoor clothing industry has increased, a lot of brands try to hire better models. Because Lee Min Ho and Yoona know well about this brand and they’re used to the outdoor style by working together three times, we could get good-quality photos. Thanks to Lee Min Ho and Yoona, a lot of items have been sold out. We hope they can have perceptible effect on sales in this season, as well.” Source: TV Report credit:
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