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This video of a London cyclist emerged a few days ago. He was riding down the street in the cycling lane going aroudn 20mph, dodging manholes and road imperfections on a wet day. In front of him a car pulls into the cycling lane, a common occurrence for every cyclist. The cyclist takes the lane in order to pass the car. However, the car pulls out in front of him, giving him less than 3 seconds to come to a complete stop and avoid collision. I repeat myself when I say it was a wet day. The video was shared to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit. However, a disgusting amount of people commenting blamed the cyclist for a whole slue of "reasons." Along with the video, I have attached a screencap of what the cyclist's ankle looks like along with a few comments about this video. I can't believe people would ever side with this driver.
Ouch, that was hard to watch. @paulist What's wrong with 20mph?
@paulist That's what I was getting at, with my comment. It's within one's rights, but not always prudent, to travel at speeds that preclude safe reaction times/stopping times. I'd rather (and often do) plan a longer travel time to be able to comfortably avoid conceivably-encountered hazards. You'll never see me travelling at high rates of speed in areas where vehicles may be prone to unpredictable/clueless actions/maneuvers. So, in summary: Do I think the motorist was at-fault? Yes. Do I think that the cyclist could've avoided the collision? Yes. Personally, I'd rather be cautios than in a cast..or worse.
Cars are heavy, and their drivers can be oblivious..or worse. I prefer to err on the side of caution. Totally within one's rights not to, of course..
@TeamWaffles If the cyclist rode slower speed, I think he could stop his bike and avoid the crash.
@paulist Absolutely not. Traffic is passing him! Cyclist are allowed to go the legal speed limit marked on the road. Would you say the cars passing him are going to fast?
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