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1. Connect Your Learning It's easier to remember words based on a common theme so choose a topic and get brainstorming. 2. Write To Remember Memorising words alone is difficult. Memorising words when you have a solid understanding of how they function in a sentence becomes fundamentally less difficult so make sure either to write an example sentence for each word or write a summary paragraph every 20 words. 3. Use Colour Colour has been proven to help trigger certain parts of your memory so don't be afraid to use colours when you study. A good way is to use one colour for nouns, another for adjectives and so on. 4. Flashcards / Repetition Software Some people swear by flashcards, others damn them as a waste of time. Either way, it's worth trying flashcards just to see whether they work for you. 5. Learn By Association When learning a word, learn the words related to it. Learn the antonym and if there is one, learn the root word and other connected words. For example: aqua- = water; aquaculture, aquamarine, aquarium, aquatic and many more. 6. Work In Pairs Work with a partner and take turns testing each other. The first student can give the word (or the definition) and the partner must give the definition (or the word). You can even turn it into a mini-competition! 7. Take It Slow Don't try to memorise the dictionary in a day - you'll fail, give up and feel worse for it. Set yourself a target of 20 words and learn them properly. It's much better to make slow but sure progress than to rush and just forget everything. 8. Open Your Eyes We're surrounded by English so open your eyes to the words around you. Pick up a more challenging book and keep a notebook nearby so you can jot down any words you don't recognise. 9. Play By Your Strengths Topics which you find more interesting will be naturally easier to learn. Try to mix these in evenly with topics that aren't so appealing - this will help you to stay motivated. 10. Monitor Your Progress Do this however works best for you - a chart or something similar - indicating the days you've studied and the amount of words you've learnt. Don't forget to give yourself small prizes every now and again to keep yourself motivated! (A good book perhaps?!)
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I'd never thought about using different colours to help me remember - I'll have to give it a go