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What's better than a day at the beach? There are plenty of beautiful options for swimwear, even after a mastectomy. 1. Designer swimwear companies like It Figures (slide 1) and Amoena (slides 2 and 3), Pembrooke, and Topanga are designed for women with one or both breasts removed. They are also designed with higher necklines and armholes to hide scars. 2. Swimwear companies like Land's End offer built-in pockets in their swimsuits to accommodate breast forms. Look for them in stores. 3. Online swimwear outlets like,, and more offer full sections for mastectomy swimsuits. 4. Some stores offer free modification of regular swimsuits, such as sewing in a pocket for a breastform. Ask your store - one example is Nordstrom in King of Prussia, PA. 5. Special breast forms for swimming are made of a lighter material that adheres more firmly to the skin, and can be found in many stores online. Search "breast form swim" on any search engine to find the websites.