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Watch this video of a panel of inspiring Women Entrepreneurs: - Laura Slezinger, Founding Partner, Venture Gained Legal - Heather Marie, Founder/CEO, - Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder/Head of User Experience, CloudFlare - Carly Schwartz, Co-Founding Editor, Huffington Post SF - Moderated by: Caroline Waxler, Digital Media Strategist
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I love hearing stories like this. You go girls!
3 years ago·Reply
More young girls need to see this!
3 years ago·Reply
My cousins will be watching this next time I babysit :)
3 years ago·Reply
More people should see this!
3 years ago·Reply
I'd never heard of any of these women until today but wow -@galinda you're totally right - it's great to see women being more vocal
3 years ago·Reply