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An NYC cyclist was having a bad day. Two bikes stolen in only a few months. Both were stolen overnight while he was sleeping in his apartment. He decided to buy yet another bike, but this time learn from his mistake and park his bike in his small NYC apartment. Rewind a few months. Devastated by the loss of his first bike, a bike that he restored and rode everyday as a commuter, this cyclist loved his bicycle. After searching for his bicycle everywhere, filing a police report, and going through all the normal motions nothing was helping. In a last ditch effort to recover his bicycle, he made a sign that would reward anyone who returned his bicycle, calling it "water under the bridge." He then went on a long vacation and forgot about the bicycle and the city for a little while. On returning to the city, he need a ride. He bought a bicycle from Recycle-A-Bicycle. Unfortunately it was stolen with the first week of its purchase. He was now prepared to buy his third bicycle. However, late one night he was eating dinner with friends when someone came to his door. The man at the door said he wanted to return something. There was first bicycle, the fender, rack, even the bell was exactly how it was when stolen. The man with the bicycle said, "I am sure you will not believe me, but I have been trying to bring you this bike for months. I come from Brooklyn on the train to ring your bell and you are not home. I kept it inside next to my bike." "I know someone must have put lots of work into this bike and that they must want it back. I know how it feels when you put time into something and how it feels to lose it. So I wanted to make sure you got this back." Touched by what the man had said, the cyclist did not feel the need to interrogate the man about where he found the bicycle. The cyclist goes on to say the man barely accepted the reward. This kind of story really leaves me feeling pretty inspired and hopeful for the human race.
This is such an uplifting story!
@onesmile @galinda I don't think I would ask many questions about how he got the bike either, I would just be happy he returned it!
Glad he got it back!
What an awesome tale--regardless of how the bike got to the man its great he gave it back