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Heddon Hula Popper has been my most productive surface lure recently. It's got good action and makes a right noise for added attraction! Try this lure next time you want some topwater action, and check out this full review. When you cast, don't immediately retrieve it. Give 30 secs at least and let the ripples die off before retrieving it. Work it slow, small short pops verses giant pops. Make it seem like a realistic bait that fish actually want to eat and naturally hit. Fishing the hula popper to fast I wait roughly 10-15 seconds before each pop. Keep up the good videos and tight lines!
@mcgraffy aye aye, captain! (hehe)
@dougjohnson @happyrock put them to work again cause mine have been hot lately
I never tried this one before, let me try it
the hula popper! cant believe I havent used mine this year. gotta go pull it out now