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Keepinitreel fishing ranked their top 5 "top lures" that they usually have rigged up: what do you think of these 5? 1. (7:00) Spro Aruku Shad Size 3" ' Weight 5/8 oz. Color: perch *Great search tool 2. (10:50) Cheddarbait (Bladded Swim Jig) *Provides great versatility *Slower bait *Gives good vibration and motion *Preferred over spinnerbaits 3. (15:50) Blackdog Baits Shellcracker G2 Size: 4" Weight: 1.5 oz Color: Ghost Bluegill *Expensive ($20), but a whole lotta fun and worth it. *Will find success *Compact, wide swim bait *Dynamic *Stays high on surface of water *Makes good amount of noise 4. (25:20) Booyah Pad Crasher in white Size: 2 1/2" Weight: 1/2 oz. *Versatile lure *Can walk the dog easily 5. (30:50) Keitech Swim Impact FAT Size: 4.8", 5.8" Color: Bluegill Flash *Most dynamic lure he owns *The most versatile *FAT is better than regular swim impact *Black great for night and dingy water *The ridges are the best part of it
what kind of situations would you suggest using a chatterbait in? where would you fish it? believe it or not I just picked up some of my first ones the other day and have yet to use it.
this is an excellent video @mcgraffy!! so well organized! you've inspired me to do my own top 5!
@Tbn1587 hah no man it's not....wish I could film nice videos like this but I haven't had the chance. Would love to if I could.
oh wait this isn't you in the vid?! lol I thought it was your video.
@Tbn1587 yeah I was really impressed with it to! I haven't used my own too much but after watching this I looked it up a bit more because I got curious too. seems like you can use it pretty much like a spinnerbait and around cover. not in winter though.
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