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This frustrates me so much. I told friends I'd be spending my summer in Korea and they told me to "say Hello to PSY"....=_=
@funkystar25 ..... You're kidding me? That's so rude, but one time I told my friends that I'm coming to korea one day, they said, "I hope you'll find your korean husband." lol
@tokyopop I know - I had no words =_= haha I like their response! I once randomly told my mum she'll probably end up with mixed-race grandkids - she said "they'll be beautiful..just give me advance warning of which language to learn!"
My brother has 3 mix kids and my mom loves them. My parents know my love for asians.
@tokyopop oh they must be so cute...actually, to be honest, I just think all kids are cute!! haha