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Backtracker is a radar-powered motion sensing device that keeps cyclists safer and vehicles more alert. The device has two main parts. The first piece is the radar which doubles as a rear light that blinks faster as cars move closer and closer. The second piece is the cockpit indicator. It straps onto your handlebars like a cyclocomputer, however, it shows you when a car is behind you and how close the car is. This indicator will also tell you if the car is traveling at a safe speed or not. The Backtracker is a great invention. There are many useful inventions in the cycling world, but there are not many that allow you to be safer while allowing you to focus your mind on riding your bike. I would love to see this project come to fruition. Currently the project is being backed by crowdfunding on iKubu and they have raised $74,827 of their $194,500 goal. Here is a link if you want to donate!
This is pretty cool and all; totally practical. I'm really holding out for a drone that follows me around and darts in front of drivers who seem to be headed straight for me. ...and with a camera, too, so I can go home and download a pic of their face when they're slamming on the brakes. :-0
Sounds like an excellent idea. A suggestion would be to have it integrate with a rear-facing camera like a GoPro for example, and activate the camera to record automatically when it senses a car approaching. As a cyclist who has been hit with objects thrown deliberately from passing vehicles, it would be nice to have some video evidence against a perpetrator.
@CWDillon Now your thinking!
This is a great idea. I wonder why no one thought of this before?!
This sounds really amazing. I think they said the range is something like 150 meters? I wonder if that is enough?